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NicoBloc99 is Unique

NicoBloc99 Helps block harmful Cancer causing Tar from your cigarette

NicoBloc99 Blocks Nicotine in the cigarette filter

NicoBloc99 Traps the tar that causes cancer

NicoBloc99 The taste of your cigarette does not change

NicoBloc99 Smokers may see their morning cough lowered

NicoBloc99 Gradually lowers the nicotine level in your blood and thus reduce cravings

NicoBloc99 Is a must for anyone who smokes

NicoBloc99 No Known Side Effects

NicoBloc99 One Bottle lasts a 20 a day smoker up to two weeks

Contents of a NicoBloc box

Box of NicoBloc Box of NicoBloc




Box of NicoBloc Box of NicoBloc


A 20-a-day smoker, stopping after 6 weeks, uses three packs:

One Bottle of NicoBloc Fluid...two weeks supply for a 20-a-day smoker.

Link...with visual information about the NicoBloc method.

Information ...explaining how to use NicoBloc.

Each NicoBloc Box contains:

    1. NicoBloc Solution, 15ml.
    2. Information explaining the NicoBloc method to the smoker in detail.
    3. A calendar of goals so that the smoker can note down the number of cigarettes smoked every day. The objective is to enable them to be aware at any moment of the weekly progress made towards the objective of a marked reduction.
    4. Information link, with visual information about the method. It also includes a simple but practical computer program that calculates the cigarette reduction objective that the smoker must set, as a function of the week reached. (If the consumer does not have a DVD player or does not know how to use it, this does not pose a problem as all the information on the DVD is in the leaflet).
    (A 20-a-day smoker, stopping after 6 weeks, uses three packs.)