How to apply NicoBloc99 to the filter of your cigarette


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How to apply NicoBloc

Apply NicoBloc - Step 1 Apply NicoBloc - Step 2 Apply NicoBloc - Step 3 Apply NicoBloc - Step 4 Apply NicoBloc - Step 5

When applying more than one drop at a time, you should follow the steps described one by one.That is to say you should not apply all the drops without following the 4 steps below.

Step 1

Make a deep indentation into the cigarette filter with the bottle nozzle

Step 2

Squeeze the correct amount of NicoBloc fluid into the filter immediately before you smoke it.
Follow the complete application process 2 or 3 times as required, applying one drop each time, rather than applying double or treble size drops. Allow each drop to soak in before applying the next drop.

Step 3

Use the nozzle to spread the fluid, so that it covers the total filter surface.

Step 4

Squeeze the filter a few times, this helps it to absorbe the fluid.

Step 5

Light the cigarette and immediately take a strong first draw, before smoking the cigarette as normal.

Note :

- The NicoBloc solution should be applied to the filter immediately prior to smoking.

- It should not be applied to all the cigarettes in the pack at the same time.

- The solution remains active for about 5 minutes after being applied.

- Thereafter, it dries out and becomes ineffective.