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NicoBloc99 is Unique

NicoBloc99 Helps block harmful Cancer causing Tar from your cigarette

NicoBloc99 Blocks Nicotine in the cigarette filter

NicoBloc99 Traps the tar that causes cancer

NicoBloc99 The taste of your cigarette does not change

NicoBloc99 Smokers may see their morning cough lowered

NicoBloc99 Gradually lowers the nicotine level in your blood and thus reduce cravings

NicoBloc99 Is a must for anyone who smokes

NicoBloc99 No Known Side Effects

NicoBloc99 One Bottle lasts a 20 a day smoker up to two weeks

I want to quit smoking for good

Will I put weight on if I use NicoBloc?

A few people put on weight as a direct consequence of stopping smoking (average 4 lbs) since nicotine has an effect on the metabolic rate and is a mild appetite suppressant. However, the side effects of some stopping methods can make some people feel very hungry and eat more than usual. Because NicoBloc enables people to continue to smoke while being gradually weaned off nicotine, they are much less likely to suffer the usual hunger pangs associated with stopping.

What is the origin of NicoBloc?

The properties of NicoBloc were discovered in the 1980's in America. During the 1990's, thousands of smokers in the UK and Ireland took part in corporate 'stop smoking programs' using NicoBloc and achieved very significant results. Due to popular demand, NicoBloc and the core elements of the program were refined into a retail product and made available to the general public in Ireland and the UK during 2002.

What is on the NicoBloc CD-Rom?

The NicoBloc CD-Rom will fit in a standard PC CD-Rom drive. Narrated by Robert Powell, it contains an animated version of the printed booklet and shows how to apply NicoBloc to your cigarettes.

The CD-Rom doesn't work properly on my computer

The CD-Rom is designed to work on computers with the following minimum specification: Windows 95/98, Pentium II, 233 MHz, 64 Mb Ram, CD drive, sound card and speakers.
The CD should auto start after it is placed in the drive. If not, select 'Run' from the Start Menu and type d:\setup.exe (where 'd:' is your CD drive letter).

If the video runs but is sluggish this could be a system resources issue on your computer – try running the 'NicoBloc.avi' file directly from the CD in Windows Media Player.

Some versions of Windows XP/2000 will display a message about a file being supplied by the PC manufacturer - press the OK button - and a message about an older file being copied - press the 'No' button.

The setup program checks to see if you have the latest video software files on your computer, and if not, it should copy them across from the CD automatically. If you get a 'file not found error' you can try to manually install these files by following the instructions below:

1. Double-click on the file 'Register_DivX.exe' in folder d:launcher/DivX_311alpha and answer 'yes' to installation question.
2. Right-click on the file 'vidsMP4.inf' in folder d:launcher/Mpeg and select 'Install' from the menu.

What is the 'Rosen Programme'?

The Rosen Programme was the corporate stop smoking initiative that was operated between 1995 and 2001 in Ireland and the UK through which many thousands of smokers within companies gave up smoking and provided the opportunity for the efficacy of NicoBloc to be proved outside of the laboratory situation.
Rosen is an acronym for ‘Reduce and Overcome Smoking by Eliminating Nicotine’.