Blocks Harmful tar & Nicotine while you smoke your own brand of cigarette - up to 99%

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NicoBloc99 is Unique

NicoBloc99 Helps block harmful Cancer causing Tar from your cigarette

NicoBloc99 Blocks Nicotine in the cigarette filter

NicoBloc99 Traps the tar that causes cancer

NicoBloc99 The taste of your cigarette does not change

NicoBloc99 Smokers may see their morning cough lowered

NicoBloc99 Gradually lowers the nicotine level in your blood and thus reduce cravings

NicoBloc99 Is a must for anyone who smokes

NicoBloc99 No Known Side Effects

NicoBloc99 One Bottle lasts a 20 a day smoker up to two weeks

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