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NicoBloc Helps block harmful Cancer causing Tar from your cigarette

NicoBloc Blocks Nicotine in the cigarette filter

NicoBloc Traps the tar that causes cancer

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NicoBloc Gradually lowers the nicotine level in your blood and thus reduce cravings

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NicoBloc One Bottle lasts a 20 a day smoker up to two weeks

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Trials With Thousands of Smokers Over 10 years have Demonstrated that NEW NicoBloc Gives you the Best Chance of reducing your Tar & Nicotine intake from smoking

One drop of NicoBloc put onto the filter of your cigarette will trap up to 33% of the tar & nicotine. By putting an extra drop on each cigarette you can block up to 66%. Finally putting 3 drops on the filter can reduce tar & nicotine by up to 99%

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Reduce smoking the way you started cigarette at a time gradually. NicoBloc uses the gradual reduction method that allows you to reduce smoking gradually one at a time while reducing your intake of Nicotine & harmful tar.

NicoBloc is simple to use and contains natural ingredients that can trap up to 99% of Harmful Tar and Nicotine from your cigarette while you smoke.